Individual property management in Berlin individually to your needs

For over 35 years we are happy to be partner to the Berlin housing industry.
Our services range from full property management services to individual services, such as accounting, cost calculation and planning, rent increases under according to german law and Berliner Mietspiegel.


We develope conceps for everyindividual building to create sustainable value over many years.

We'll show you how the value of your property is increasing, while stabilizing a satisfied tenant population.

Annual operating costs statements

Originally founded as a pure billing company, we are still specialized in numbers. We offer accounting services for private property owners who manage their properties themselves. Our experience and ensures the quality of your bookkeeping.

Increasing the rent according to german laws and Berliner Mietspiegel

Rent increases for apartment buildings are our specialty, since 35 years. We use our own for analysis and best results. this creats a transparent rent increase statement for better understandy by the tennants, lawyers and even judges. We maximize your revenue and our clients can discuss and diecide with us the expected increase in advance.

Value increasing strategies with short and medium term financial planning

We analyze your property in technical aspects as well as in the way it is presented to to public. We care for the situation of the tennants as part of the value building pricess.


Future goals are bild from the results of this process. technical developent and developement of tennents structure and satisfaction as part as the way to the future rounds up our philosophy.


From the technical side, the visual attractiveness to the long term planning we can create a financial and social structure. We invite you to discuss these stategies to create a good partnership.