Renting flats or houses

If you are new to Germany here some hints for renting a flat:

You need the following:

  • An income statment for the last 3 months or something that proves your regular income or even some confirmation for sponsoring from mom and dad. Or a contract that shows the future income confirmed by your employer etc.
  • If you lived in Germany before it is helpfull to have a written confirmation from your last landlord that you payed your rent regularly (Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung = Certification that there are no rent debts)
  • Your Passport or ID card. If applicable for your country of origin including your residence certificate for Germany or for the Schengen aerea.
  • The landlord normally has his own application form that should be filled in properly. Our application form in english you find below.
Application form for renting a flat
If you like to rent one of our flats please provide us with the filled in form (english version).
Application Form Appartment.pdf
PDF-Dokument [118.7 KB]

No commission is due because the following are offered directly from the owner or from the management.

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