35 Years of Services for the Berlin Real Estate Market

The first years MBS Schuberth was specializes in producing computerized cost statements and rent increases. The great success of these services motivated landlords to transfer the entire managment to MBS.

Even today, all property managment services can be ordert seperately and individually. we support our clients with the complete services or single services from the package. Individual configuration at the request of our clients is possible.

Well known for our forecasting specialities, out calculation perfections and the friendlyness of services we are proud to look back to a long year record of value inceasing success of many proberties in Berlin.

Building management
We free the owner of all duties and responsibilities as a landlord. The extent of devolution depends always on the individual requests.

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Our Services

Bookkeeping Services

We do all the bookkeeping for you if you prefere to do management yourself. You get monthly oder quarterly statements and an anual report, ready for your tax department.

Utility billing and rent increases for residential and commercial property owners and managers

Details of operating expense reports and billing services can be found here (German)

Details of rent increases can be found here (German)

Other services provided by MBS Schuberth

  • Rent increasing statements for self managing owners
  • Modernization plan including energy saving conepts
  • Management of commercial sites
  • Management of private property
  • Emergency managment
  • Accounting and Payroll Services
  • Technical and commercial property analysis
  • Technical state controls
  • Commercial Facility Management
  • Technical Facility Management