MBS Schuberth GmbH: Competent, reliable and experienced

Ekart Schuberth. Managing director.

Founded 35 years ago by Ekart Schuberth, we present the long-term real estate experience to our customers.  Continuous development and training. Competent staff and a large number of satisfied customers in the real estate management, as well as our other services, such as cost accounting, rent increasing, renting and business consulting.


We manage the properties of our customers the same way we manage our own ones following the principals of






Let's define the goals of your property.

Competence of expertise and knowledge of the Berlin market

Ekart Schuberth has been more than 20 years a member and chairman of Haus & Grund Reinickendorf landlord organisation, also vice chairman of the RDM Ring Deutscher Makler Landesverband Berlin - The oldest real estate agents organisation in Berlin. 


In addition, he was the first developer of rent calculation software at the time small computers started their way to the offices. Even today PSC-Mietspiegel is a tool to increase the rent in Berlin as well as a helpful software to determine the right rent before closing new contracts.


Almost 1,500 users work with Ratiofill, a software for creating rental agreements on the basis of the well known forms. This speeded up the daily work of many businesses.  


Since 35 years there is a heartbeat for the housing industry.